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QQ International 1.23.400

QQ has been revamped and re-launched in English, Japanese and French
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China’s favorite online messenger QQ has been revamped and re-launched in English, Japanese and French as your best source for everything expats need in China.
QQ 2009 lets you easily connect with other foreigners, friends, colleagues or suppliers instantly, learn about what’s hot in your city, improve your Chinese, join community groups, and more importantly, with more than 500 million registered accounts, be part of the largest online community in the world!


- Flash Transfer

Hosted in China, QQ International offers the fastest file transfer you ever experienced! Perfect for work and to share personal files.

- Group Community

The hottest foreign groups are classified in 7 communities in which people share similar interests. Find and join the ones which fit you or simply create your own!

- Screenshot

Share your screen with friends or colleagues and edit your screenshot instantly using the super convenient screenshot feature. Ctrl+Alt+A!

- Communicate

Enjoy high quality video and audio supported conversions with one or more contacts or simply chat your day through!

- Mini-apps

The one stop-shop information center! Bringing you the latest news, events, a business directory, videos or free Chinese lessons, QQ International apps could change your life in China.

- Customize

Customize your QQ International platform with a unique selection of Chinese style skins and sounds.

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